DASH takes first place in Annual Sandblast Competition.

12140883_937009236372915_1789677400708937521_oOn Sunday, October 11, twenty three DASH students headed out to Crandon Park in the beautiful fall weather to compete against other architecture schools in the Annual Sandblast Competition.

The judges got it right this year awarding DASH First Place for their depiction of the theme Out of this World. DASH students interpreted the theme by representing a sendoff of an “octopuship” from earth.

We are so very proud of the students, and thank the students and parents that came out to support DASH and this project. The students, DASH and the Architecture Club are truly inspirational.

The Future Was Written …

Fifteen DASH students participated in an event at the YoungArts Campus to learn from and collaborate in the creation of a new work by artist Daniel Arsham. The unearthed objects from “The Future Was Written“ are chalk and students confidently and skillfully used them on blank walls to draft their individual visions of the future.
IMG_4081 IMG_4094 IMG_4116IMG_4088

Silver Knights Organize for 2015

KnightSilver Knight candidates: It’s never too early to get going on your nomination portfolio for 2015. Last year we welcomed another Silver Knight to our ranks. Could you be the next Silver Knight for DASH?

Any interested Senior, please see Mr. Luis Hernandez, in room 2156 ASAP.

Reading period and lunch is when I am most available, but stop by anytime … and soon.


Attention all students interested in joining the school news club: Dash Dispatch and DashFlashNews.

An organizational meeting will take place during lunch, this Monday, October 5th in Mr. Hernandez’ room, #156 in the D Hall. Grab your lunch and come right over.

We are looking for news writers, creative and feature writers, photographers, illustrators, page and publication designers, graphic artists, web-saavy and tech smart students, as well as DASH newsies who just want to help.

ALL students grades nine through twelve are welcome to participate.

Let’s make our student publications bigger and better than ever!10-ways-journalism-schools-are-teaching-social-media-780449f4f5