Carlos Cepeda wins Spanish Poetry Award


From left to right, the Cepeda Family: Mr. Carlos G. Cepeda, Dash Freshman  Carlos A. Cepeda, and Luz Gomez.

DASH Freshman Carlos Cepeda has won the Spanish Poetry and Narrative Award presented by the Miami-Dade County School’s Department of Bilingual Education and World Languages.

Out of 500 entries, Carlos’ passionate and heartfelt poem titled “Pasados sus 95,” inspired by his grandmother’s passing, won him him an award this year.

He was recognized for his achievement and received his prize on April 22nd, 2017 at the Centro Cultural Español in Miami accompanied by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Cepeda          (pictured above) as well as his  grandparents, and Assistant Principal, Georgina Palomo.

A gifted and creative writer, Carlos has steadily polished his skills during his time in AP Spanish this past year. He is also a member of the National Spanish Honor Society.

Yet, when asked what he would like his readers to remember after reading his poem, all he wanted was for them to “Always value the life of the ones that you love, especially the older people in your life.”

Congratulations to Carlos Cepeda for winning in the Spanish Poetry and Narrative Award Contest!