Guerilla Green – Architecture for Humanity

Congratulations to the Thirsty Fountain and to Pure Zephyr! Sound familiar? It should because the two teams from DASH participating in Guerilla Green have made it to the national winner’s circle for their environmental advocacy. Each team came up with a goal and moved it forward with stickers, tattoos, blogs, and other campaigning tools and now they’re finalists.

The Thirsty Fountain is the finalist team from the South region and consists of Oandy Naranjo, Gabriana Freire, and Janos Gonzalez.

Pure Zephyr is the finalist team from the Midwest as a wildcard representative and consists of Eliza Hsuchen, Winnie Zhang, and Cristina Gomez.

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DASH Program Selection Day

photo (1) photoOn Wednesday, April 10th, all DASH freshmen visited the five design program studio classrooms to observe seniors and see first-hand what’s in store in each strand.

This year for the first time, SGA helped match every freshmen with a senior mentor to provide advice while making this important decision. The ninth graders will submit their requests Friday, April 12th, and find out who is in which strand as early as next week, pending any need for qualifying assignments.

Blood Drive

On Thursday, April 4th from 8 AM to 2:30 PM DASH is hosting a blood drive and we encourage community members, parents, and students age seventeen and older to donate. Food will be provided, along with a t-shirt.