Young Designers Consortium helps host Knight Foundation winners reception

YDC at Knight

The Young Designers Consortium participated in the 2015 Winners Reception for the Knight Foundation. The event was tremendous and awe-inspiring. It was heartening to share in the award presentation to our Knight Champions, Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz.

This was a first time experience for most attending the New World Center. This is a list of firsts:

  1. Escorted limousine bus
  2. Backstage tour of NWC.
  3. Reserved front row seats
  4. Introduction to dozens of innovative community arts programs
  5. Seated in front of Gloria Estefan
  6. Stage appearance
  7. Adult rooftop reception

The students did not need the limousine to return to DASH since they all  were flying so high from this once in a lifetime experience.

DASH students Rock Respect Challenge

Doc1The Respect Challenge has come to an end and DASH students distinguished themselves once again. They have been the most active on the social media #gifrespect challenge. In fact, two of the weekly winners have been DASH students  and in the first two weeks of the challenge!

Mr. Charles’ students with encouragement from Ms. Cileli participated enthusiastically.Each one of Sarah Becker’s and Mikaela Ehrenstein’s entries, “… totally rock” says Natasha Evens, one of the organizers of the event. A video clip has been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it HERE.