Congratulations to all the Scholastics Writing Award Winners!

  • Luisa Aparisi-Franca- Honorable Mention
  • Whisper Blanchard- Writing Portfolio Honorable Mention
  • Brenda Botitta- Honorable Mention
  • Fernanda Calderon- Silver Key
  • Zahirah Calloway- Silver Key
  • Daniel Cazzaniga- Silver Key
  • Priscilla Franklin- Gold Key
  • Ilan Gilhuly- Honorable Mention
  • Jacquelyn Harley- Honorable Mention
  • Daniella Hernandez- Silver Keys
  • Adam Kozloski- Honorable Mention
  • Ilana Ladis- Writing Portfolio Silver Key
  • Brianna Leatherbury- Silver Key
  • Rebecca Lubin- Two Silver Keys
  • Jilliane Marasigan- Gold Key
  • Julian Mayfield- Honorable Mention
  • Isadora Milanez- Silver Key
  • Khristine Perez- Silver Key
  • Emily Prada- Silver Key
  • Jorge Ravelo- Honorable Mention
  • Helmuth Rosales- Silver Key
  • Jo Rosenthal- Silver Key
  • Amanda Sanabria- Honorable Mention
  • Samnold Telfort- Honorable Mention
  • Micaela Tenenbaum- Silver Key, Honorable Mention
  • Ziqi Wang- Gold Key
  • Sami Wax- Silver Key
  • Steven Zorrilla- Silver Key

Architecture for Humanity

Congratulations to DASH Architecture Student Teams among the¬†Top 10 Finalists in the Architecture for Humanity¬†Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown directly empowering youth to “Green” their schools.

Students worked in teams and given about 4 hours to come up with a submittal. See their ideas “The Thirsty Fountain” and “Pure Zephyr” among others at