Portfolio Day Tips from Seniors

If you aren’t interested in an art school, bring your academic interests into your art for your portfolio.

-Maegan Cremer, Graphics

Run the review through your head first to make sure you know your art and how you want to present it.

-Harmonie Tsai, Industrial Design

Don’t worry about the school you talk to, any advice helps.

-Kam Chi Cheng, Architecture

Research the college sites before talking to the schools, so you can ask specific questions.

-Daria Krylova, Film

Don’t take it so seriously, but don’t act childish.

-Leah Zeng, Fashion

Even if you feel that you slipped up in your review, don’t panic–you still have another year to work it out.

-HeeJin Kim, Industrial Design

Don’t bring fifty pieces, it’s better to have two amazing ones.

-Khristine Perez, Graphics

Don’t forget to get the rep’s contact information and actually stay in contact with them.

-Tatyana Perez, Fashion

Start with the schools that have been said to give easier reviews and work your way up.

-Jose Ballon, Film

Start with the colleges that are smaller and lack lines. A review is a review.

-Melly Diaz, Graphics

Make nice business cards, they really make a lasting impression.

-Natalie Kopke, Industrial Design

Get your first review from a school that offers your major, but don’t plan to attend. It’s a perfect opportunity to practice talking about your work with someone who can relate to the field you’re interested in. Eye-opening perspective can arise from a conversation without preconceptions.

-Steven Zorrilla, Fashion

It’s meant to be a fun day, don’t worry or stress over it. The nerves will go away soon.

-Brianna Leatherbury, Architecture

Actually enjoy the work you’re showing and have it mean something to you personally. Show what you’re proud of.

-Julian Gheiler, Film

Congratulations to all the Scholastics Art Award Winners!

  • Gabriela Alcalde- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Jilanna Allison- Art Potfolio Gold Key
  • Laura Arango- Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Amparo Bacallao- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Gavin Bartlett- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Alicia Betancourt- Art Honorable Mention
  • Avery Brown- Art Silver Key
  • Phillip Burrows- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Andrea Cantillo- Art Silver Key
  • Alyssa Chavarry- Art Silver Key
  • Kam Chi Cheng- Art Silver Key
  • Jennifer Cremer- Art Honorable Mention
  • Maegan Cremer- Art Honorable Mention
  • Dana Deggs- Two Art Silver Keys
  • Bryce Donner- Art Gold Key
  • Vicky Gallardo- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Thalia Garcia- Art Gold Key
  • Katiuscia Gregoire- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Ricardo Hernandez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Maite Iribarren- Art Silver Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Hee-Jin Kim- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Talia Knowles- Art Honorable Mention
  • Natalie Kopke- Art Silver Key
  • Brianna Leatherbury- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Chance Ledesma-Charles- Art Honorable Mention
  • Paris Lewis- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Julieta Londono- Art Gold Key, American Visions Nominee
  • Alexandra Lopez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Luma Louzada- Art Gold Key, American Visions Nominee
  • Jillianne Marasigan- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Juan Matos- Art Honorable Mention
  • Ariana Membrano- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Isadora Milanez- Art Honorable Mention
  • Jonathan Munoz- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Carolina Murado- Art Honorable Mention
  • Saya Nassyr- Two Art Silver Keys, Art Honorable Mention
  • Mateo Nava- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Nicole Ortega- Art Honorable Mention
  • Alina Perez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Jocelyn Reyes- Art Gold Key
  • Lucas Riquenes- Art Honorable Mention
  • Camila Saldarriaga- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Kevin Savillon- Art Honorable Mention
  • Vanessa Schefke- Art Silver Key
  • Harmonie Tsai- Art Silver Key, Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Antonia Uribe- Art Honorable Mention
  • Paloma Valencia- Art Silver Key
  • Yifan Wang- Art Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Ziqi Wang- Art Honorable Mention
  • Leah Zeng- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Steven Zorrilla- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Gold Key

Taste of Design Update

Taste of Design is less than a month away! Here’s how you can help:
  • Buy tickets. Only $100 per person, at dashptsa.com
  • Donate items for the silent auction. Ask friends, family and business you patronize for donations. So far we have received vacations, dinners, gift certificates and many other exciting items.
  • Volunteer to help, Volunteers only pay $50 to attend.

Call 305.857.5065 or email tasteofdesign2013@gmail.com