Let’s Talk About Pre-College

Now is the time to mobilize our resources, gather our thoughts, beg for recommendations and….. Apply to pre-college! Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes at our school knows that DASH loves pre-college. We love talking about it, going to it, and best of all getting results out of it. That’s why this Wednesday, seniors who have had the experience and lived to tell the tale will have a presentation for the juniors about their time away. Eager to start thinking about your summer experience? Below is the CAP office’s fantastic list of everything you need to know about the “when?”, “where?”, and “what deadline?” of pre-college.

Scholarship Search Engine Round-Up

capadvisory-04Finding the right scholarships is a complex task because there are so many out there. Here are some useful websites dedicated to helping you find the best scholarships for you.
Happy hunting from the DASH CAP office! -Isabel

Dosomething.org/scholarships – Recognizing and rewarding teens who are social action leaders in their communites.

Finaid.org – This award-winning site has grown into the most ​​comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools — on or off the web.

Fastweb.com/college-scholarships – The grand-daddy scholarship search engine of them all! Get personalized awards based on your individual profile.

Artandwriting.org – These awards have recognized the exceptional vision of our nation’s youth, and provided a singular opportunity for students to be noticed for their creative talents.

Studentaid.ed.gov – Minds can achieve anything. Studentaid.ed.gov makes sure they get to college. At Federal Student Aid, they make it easier to get money for higher education.

Gocollege.com – The student’s reference to finding money and getting the most out of college education.

Iefa.org – IEFA is the premier resource for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad.

Cappex.com/scholarships – Here you can uncover millions of dollars in scholarships from colleges, universities, private companies, foundations — and more — to help pay for school. Simply fill out a free profile to discover which ones match you best.

Scholarships.com – Helps you find money for school, even as colleges discover and recruit you. FREE!

Zinch.com/scholarships – Search over $1 billion in free scholarships to help pay for college. Find your college scholarship now!

Free-4u.com – National data base scholarships. Ten billion in scholarships.

Bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search – Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs totaling nearly $6 billion.

What to do with a BFA After College

As you get older and closer to senior year, you start becoming more nervous and weary about pursuing art in college. All you hear nowadays are people making “starving artist” jokes and it seems that every time you open your computer you see yet another article about the top 10 most useless majors. ​It’s stressful hearing everyone tell you that you are, statistically, expected to fail. So let me ease your mind a bit, here’s a list on majors and potential jobs one might find after graduating:

BFA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media:
• Advertising Designer or Director
• Creative Director
• Graphic Designer
• Marketing Consultant
• Promotional Designer
• Layout Designer
• Packaging Designer
• Merchandiser
• Website Designer
• Multimedia/Interactive Media Specialist
• Publishing Industry Designer
• Signage Designer
• Corporate or In-House Designer
• Freelance Designer
• Exhibit Designer
• Graphic Designer for Film/Television

BFA in Illustration:
• Magazine Illustrator
• Newspaper Illustrator
• Billboard Designer
• Editorial Illustrator
• Merchandise or Product Illustrator
• Freelance Illustrator
• Architectural or Interiors Illustrator
• Technical Illustrator
• Instructional Illustrator
• Scientific or Medical Illustrator
• Postage Stamp Designer
• Book or Children’s Book Illustrator
• Storyboard Illustrator
• Textbook Illustrator
• Music Industry illustrator

BFA in Interior Design:
• Corporate Office design
• Residential design, single family & multi-family
• Residential community planning, development & marketing
• Kitchen and bath design
• Healthcare, hospitals, dental, medical office buildings, clinics
• Retirement communities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities
• Hospitality, hotels, spas, resorts, country clubs
• Model Homes
• Retail
• Facilities management
• Educations including childcare, K-12, higher education and institutional
• Recreation facilities, RV parks, sports arenas, community parks
• Historic preservation
• Museum, theater and interactive exhibit planning
• Furniture, lighting and product design
• Textile design
• Universal Design
• Green Design Specialty/ LEED Project Consulting

BFA in Animation:
• Cell Animator
• Flash Animator
• 3D Animator
• Modeler
• Lighting and Materials Artist
• Compositors
• Technical Animator
• Independent Animator
• Small Studio Animator
• Game Animator
• Motion Graphics Animators
• Commercial Production

BFA in Art Education:
• K-12 Art Teacher
• Art Center Educator
• Museum Education Staff Member
• Gallery Consultant
• Educational Text Author
• Curriculum Director

Fine Arts
• Independent Artist
• Gallery Director or Owner
• Museum Exhibition Curator
• Freelance Art Writer
• Art Critic
• Textile Designer
• Art Librarian
• Art Supply Buyer
• Auction House Consultant
• Corporate Curator
• Art Buyer
• Portrait Photographer
• Set Designer
• Mural Painter
• Art School Administrator

Those are just some of the many possibilities to choose from when pursuing art as a career. Now here’s a look at what kind of money these people make:

Graphic Design + Interactive Media – $27,000-$35,100
Illustration – $18,650-$83,820
Interior Design – $30,000-$55,000
Animation – $39,000-$100,000
Art Education – $30,340-$99,250
Fine Arts – $18,650-$83,820

*Source: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD), “Can I Really Make a Living as an Artist or Designer?”

December Scholarships



By nomination
African American
Principals Leadership Awards
By nomination
Florida State Fair

College News: Fall Visit Schedule

capadvisory-04Every school year leading up to Portfolio Day in the spring, representatives from the best college art and design programs throughout the nation and beyond visit DASH to present about their schools and review student work. Below is the tentative fall college visit schedule.

College Presentation Date & Time Reviews
Maryland Institute College of Art 10/21, 9:15am 10:30am
University of Florida, College of Fine Arts 10/21, 2pm n/a
Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) 10/28, 9:15am 10:30am
Art Center 10/30, 11:30am 10:30am
California College of the Arts (CCA) 10/31, 9:15am 10:30am
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) 11/1, 9:15am 10:30am
Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) 11/6, 9:15am 10:30am
Minneapolis College of Art and Design 11/7, 9:15am 10:30am
University of the Arts London 11/12, 9:15am 10:30am
Kansas City Art Institute 11/13, 9:15am 10:30am
School of Visual Arts (SVA) 12/4, 9:15am 10:30am
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) 12/5, 9:15am 10:30am

College News: Oct./Nov. Scholarships


By Isabel Montes

College admissions and scholarships are a top priority at DASH. Ms. Maxwell, our CAP Advisor, schedules visits from university representatives for presentations and reviews throughout the school year. She also meets with students by appointment during office hours and maintains personal mailboxes for all seniors inside the Media Center. I will be working with Ms. Maxwell this year as the CAP Office intern. I’ve put together a schedule of upcoming scholarship deadlines below. Watch the blog for more CAP updates every month.


Scholarship Type Deadline
Young Arts Art 10/18
Horatio Alger Association General 10/30
Coca Cola Foundation General 10/31

October is zooming by! Don’t procrastinate! Apply!


Scholarship Type Deadline
Bennington Young Writers Writing 11/1
NYU MLK Honors Program By nomination 11/1
Spirit of Community Awards General 11/5
Distinguished Young Women Women 11/5
Emory Scholars Program General 11/15