October celebration of Hispanic Heritage Brings Food, Flavor, Fun


Dash students enjoy a lively Latin Folk Dance as part of the October celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

For DASH Spanish teacher, Ms. Teresita Lopez, and the members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, coordinating the Hispanic Heritage festivities was a labor of love.

“I would like to thank everyone at DASH for helping make this a wonderful celebration.” she said to begin the event.

The celebration began with a reading of freshman student Alexandria Schweitzer’s essay that was entered in the district’s Hispanic Heritage Month Essay contest. English teacher, Mr. Hernandez along with Ms. Lopez selected it as the best writing sample for its originality. Alexandria  responded to the following question: Based on the data presented, how do you foresee the growing number of Hispanics influencing the United States socially, economically, and politically?

Representing the vast world of Hispanic literature, student Victoria Cabrera recited in Spanish two stanzas of Cuban poet and Cuban War for Independence hero Jose Marti’s famous Versos Sencillos, followed by Maria Useche who recited the English translation.

On a musical note, Natalia Reynaldo, who is herself of Mexican heritage, sang an Argentinian musical with an added Flamenco Cante Hondo twist.

No celebration is complete without dancing and food, so the event ended with a feast of Hispanic dishes from around the world, as well as students dancing Zumba and La Macarena in the courtyard.

DASH Program Selection Day

photo (1) photoOn Wednesday, April 10th, all DASH freshmen visited the five design program studio classrooms to observe seniors and see first-hand what’s in store in each strand.

This year for the first time, SGA helped match every freshmen with a senior mentor to provide advice while making this important decision. The ninth graders will submit their requests Friday, April 12th, and find out who is in which strand as early as next week, pending any need for qualifying assignments.

Superintendent Roundtable

DASH student leaders were invited with SGA representatives from 22 other MDCPS Central Region high schools to the Superintendent’s roundtable breakfast this morning at Ronald Reagan/Doral Senior High School. Pictured is Mr. Carvalho fielding questions from his attentive audience. Topics ranged from dual enrollment, Florida Virtual School, new technology and wifi access for all students, and the superintendent’s personal feelings about immigration and student safety. Below, Mr. Carvalho holds the autographed, original Dwyane Wade converse sneaker designed by DASH alum Duane Lawrence. Gabriela Alcalde, Ziqi Wang, Carla Scemama, Jo Rosenthal and Brianna Leatherbury made sure to say hello after the meeting and invite the superintendent to visit DASH.photo photo-1

Congratulations to the National Scholastics Award Winners of DASH in Art and Writing

  • Bryce Donner- Silver Medal in Photography
  • Katuscia Gregoire- Gold Medal in Art Portfolio
  • Ricardo Hernandez- Silver Medal with Distinction in Art Portfolio
  • Brianna Leatherbury- Silver Medal in Art Portfolio, Gold Medal in Future New Art
  • Luma Louzada- Gold Medal in Fashion
  • Jonathan Munoz- Silver Medal in Art Portfolio
  • Mateo Nava- Silver Medal in Art Portfolio
  • Yifan Wang- Gold Medal in Painting
  • Steven Zorrilla- Silver Medal in Art Portfolio

Check out Katuscia Gregoire’s gold medal piece as the banner on the Scholastics home page here.