Internship Fair and Career Portfolio Day

IMG_3664 On Friday, March 15th, DASH juniors and seniors had the 15th annual internship fair and career portfolio day. It begun with a senior breakfast sponsored by the PTSA and a panel of speakers in the multi-purpose room. The design forum speakers included Lucas Leyva or Borscht Corp., Judy Holm of Aspirations PR, Irma Martinez of Trendy Studio, Nick Cindric of NC Contemporary, and Lauren Arkin of LA Boudoir.IMG_3667

This was followed by a keynote address from Lucas Leyva of Borscht Corp., a Miami resident, to the senior class. He said many important things to the class and was very inspirational. To get started he gave a key piece of advice: “Do projects for no money at first. Borrow gear, put your stuff online. Get a twitter.”

IMG_3671The final part of the day was for the junior class. They had an amazing opportunity to put themselves out there with interviews with people currently working in the industry they were pursuing. We had architecture firms, artists’ studios, and museums come to be a part of this event. Thank you to everyone who participated in making the day a success.


2013 Magnet Schools of America: DASH Recognized with Distinction


DASH was recognized by Magnet Schools of America (MSA) as a School of Distinction. We’re extremely honored by this award. The school was recognized at yesterday’s School Board meeting, and Dr. Mancuso and Mr. Britton will attend the MSA conference in Tulsa, Arizona this May.

To read more, see here:

Key Biscayne Women’s Giving Circle Donates iPad Minis to DASH


On March 28th at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Dr. Mancuso and a group of DASH students (Kevin Savillon, Julian Mayfield, Gabriela Alcalde, and Khristine Perez) accepted the generous gift of thirty iPad Minis to be used by students on summer pre-college scholarship trips and throughout the school year on campus. The Key Biscayne Women’s Giving Circle hosted a beautiful event to honor several recipients of their philanthropy. DASH has benefitted from the generosity of this group for the past three years. Thank you, Key Biscayne Women’s Giving Circle!photo-1

Portfolio Day Tips from Seniors

If you aren’t interested in an art school, bring your academic interests into your art for your portfolio.

-Maegan Cremer, Graphics

Run the review through your head first to make sure you know your art and how you want to present it.

-Harmonie Tsai, Industrial Design

Don’t worry about the school you talk to, any advice helps.

-Kam Chi Cheng, Architecture

Research the college sites before talking to the schools, so you can ask specific questions.

-Daria Krylova, Film

Don’t take it so seriously, but don’t act childish.

-Leah Zeng, Fashion

Even if you feel that you slipped up in your review, don’t panic–you still have another year to work it out.

-HeeJin Kim, Industrial Design

Don’t bring fifty pieces, it’s better to have two amazing ones.

-Khristine Perez, Graphics

Don’t forget to get the rep’s contact information and actually stay in contact with them.

-Tatyana Perez, Fashion

Start with the schools that have been said to give easier reviews and work your way up.

-Jose Ballon, Film

Start with the colleges that are smaller and lack lines. A review is a review.

-Melly Diaz, Graphics

Make nice business cards, they really make a lasting impression.

-Natalie Kopke, Industrial Design

Get your first review from a school that offers your major, but don’t plan to attend. It’s a perfect opportunity to practice talking about your work with someone who can relate to the field you’re interested in. Eye-opening perspective can arise from a conversation without preconceptions.

-Steven Zorrilla, Fashion

It’s meant to be a fun day, don’t worry or stress over it. The nerves will go away soon.

-Brianna Leatherbury, Architecture

Actually enjoy the work you’re showing and have it mean something to you personally. Show what you’re proud of.

-Julian Gheiler, Film

Congratulations to all the Scholastics Art Award Winners!

  • Gabriela Alcalde- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Jilanna Allison- Art Potfolio Gold Key
  • Laura Arango- Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Amparo Bacallao- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Gavin Bartlett- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Alicia Betancourt- Art Honorable Mention
  • Avery Brown- Art Silver Key
  • Phillip Burrows- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Andrea Cantillo- Art Silver Key
  • Alyssa Chavarry- Art Silver Key
  • Kam Chi Cheng- Art Silver Key
  • Jennifer Cremer- Art Honorable Mention
  • Maegan Cremer- Art Honorable Mention
  • Dana Deggs- Two Art Silver Keys
  • Bryce Donner- Art Gold Key
  • Vicky Gallardo- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Thalia Garcia- Art Gold Key
  • Katiuscia Gregoire- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Ricardo Hernandez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Maite Iribarren- Art Silver Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Hee-Jin Kim- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Talia Knowles- Art Honorable Mention
  • Natalie Kopke- Art Silver Key
  • Brianna Leatherbury- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Chance Ledesma-Charles- Art Honorable Mention
  • Paris Lewis- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Julieta Londono- Art Gold Key, American Visions Nominee
  • Alexandra Lopez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Luma Louzada- Art Gold Key, American Visions Nominee
  • Jillianne Marasigan- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Juan Matos- Art Honorable Mention
  • Ariana Membrano- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Isadora Milanez- Art Honorable Mention
  • Jonathan Munoz- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Carolina Murado- Art Honorable Mention
  • Saya Nassyr- Two Art Silver Keys, Art Honorable Mention
  • Mateo Nava- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Nicole Ortega- Art Honorable Mention
  • Alina Perez- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Silver Key, Art Honorable Mention
  • Jocelyn Reyes- Art Gold Key
  • Lucas Riquenes- Art Honorable Mention
  • Camila Saldarriaga- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Kevin Savillon- Art Honorable Mention
  • Vanessa Schefke- Art Silver Key
  • Harmonie Tsai- Art Silver Key, Two Art Honorable Mentions
  • Antonia Uribe- Art Honorable Mention
  • Paloma Valencia- Art Silver Key
  • Yifan Wang- Art Gold Key, Art Silver Key
  • Ziqi Wang- Art Honorable Mention
  • Leah Zeng- Art Portfolio Gold Key
  • Steven Zorrilla- Art Portfolio Gold Key, Art Gold Key

Taste of Design Update

Taste of Design is less than a month away! Here’s how you can help:
  • Buy tickets. Only $100 per person, at
  • Donate items for the silent auction. Ask friends, family and business you patronize for donations. So far we have received vacations, dinners, gift certificates and many other exciting items.
  • Volunteer to help, Volunteers only pay $50 to attend.

Call 305.857.5065 or email

Coats 4 Kids Update

The French Club at DASH (Design & Architecture Senior High) will be collecting gently worn winter coats and clothing through January 7. If you or someone you know has a coat, jacket, scarf, gloves or mittens that they no longer need, please bring them to DASH. We will then distribute them to former DASH students who are attending college up north- Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc. We have been doing this for the past three years and the graduates are overwhelmed with gratitude since many of them are unable to afford anything but a “hoodie” and mittens.

We have already collected dozens of sweaters and hoodies, but we have very few heavy coats. If you could possibly check with friends or perhaps find a coat at Goodwill to bring in, it would be greatly appreciated!

This “Coats 4 Kids” drive started because of a trip Dr. Mancuso made to speak to college representatives at a northern university. While there, she let all of the DASH graduates know that she would invite them to dinner. It was about 10 degrees that winter and a few of the kids showed up at the restaurant in hooded sweatshirts and jeans. They were not prepared for that kind of cold. Last year we collected over 100 coats and sweaters. We hope we will again this year.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word. Merci beaucoup!

Madame Grafton, French Club Sponsor & Nathania Rodriguez, French Club President

Highlights from Art Basel Week

Last week was Art Basel and DASH would like to thank everyone who helped get the students to great events throughout the week. Thank you to Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz for providing tickets for the entire school to attend the main Art Basel fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center and to Craig Robins for providing the seniors with tickets to see Design Miami as a follow-up to a personal tour he gave us of the Miami Design District reconstruction going on now. Thank you also to Daniel Arsham, DASH alum and creator of this year’s Design Miami tent, for coming to speak with seniors about his architectural sculptures and his collaborations with other artists such as choreographer Merce Cunningham. Thanks to Isabel and Ruben Toledo, who spoke to fashion juniors and seniors at their show in the Miami Freedom Tower. The architecture seniors were lucky enough to see Le Corbusier’s Cabanon interior at the Cassina Showroom. Last but not least, thank you to Susan Grant Lewin for hosting a presentation for all DASH juniors given by metalsmith and jewelry designer Kiff Slemmons.

Seniors at Design Miami Graphic Design Seniors at Art Basel Seniors at Design Miami Design Miami Seniors at Daniel Arsham's Archietectural Sculture Art Basel Seniors at Design Miami