Ms. Caudle’s Freshmen students shine in 2015 Scholastic Writing Contest


DASH students have enjoyed great success in The 2015 DASH Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. A previous posting highlighted the numerous winners in the Art categories, but our students are fine writers as well. In fact, 11 Freshmen students, with the guidance and encouragement provided by Ninth Grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Susan Caudle, took home these prestigious prizes.   The award recipients are as follows:  James Balo, Sarah Becker, Daniela Duran, Mikaela Ehrenstein, Olivia Graham, Maddy McCarthy, Frederick Rapp, Kasey Riera, Tori Taylor, Carlos Tejera, and Sarah Tennant.

 A special congratulations to this year’s  three Silver Key Award Winners: Kasey Riera, Tori Taylor, and Sarah Tennant. You can link to the award-winning art and writing from across the nation HERE.