DASH Silver Knight Candidate promotes SALT Fundraiser


SALT (Save a Life Today) is a project to save children with life threatening diseases that could be cured with a single surgery. DASH Silver Knight Candidate, Maite Iribarren, supports SALT. Read her moving statement below and support this worthy cause.

“My name is Maite Iribarren and I am a seventeen year-old student in Design & Architecture Senior High School. I am also a National Young Arts Finalist and an American Red Cross Woman Spectrum Award winner. I have been volunteering at medical missions in the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) clinic in Licey, Dominican Republic since I was twelve years old.

Through these medical missions we have encountered many cases of children who lack the funds for necessary surgeries that would enable them a long, happy and healthy life. One patient, Marilissa, made me realize I could do something to help. She was diagnosed with cancer. In order for her to survive she needed the tumor removed but had no means of getting the surgery. I realized how easily she could be saved if only we could find the funds for her treatment.

I find it absurd that Marilissa and children like her are denied their natural rights because of their financial situations. As an artist and art student, I have access to artwork that could translate monetarily into a solution for these children.
Since last fall I have been collecting artwork, receiving donations from many student artists inspired by the idea of kids helping other less fortunate kids, as well as from well-known professional artists. These pieces will be auctioned at a cocktail at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Art in FIU on February 7, 2015. The proceeds of all art sales and direct donations will go directly to the SALT fund (through the Cuban Order of Malta).
100% of your tax-deductible donations will go towards sponsoring one child a year identified in the ILAC clinic, who is in need of an urgent life saving surgery.”

Checks can be made to Foundation Order of Malta memo SALT
mailed to 12955 SW 42nd Street Suite 12 Miami, FL 33175

As a high school student, I cannot do this alone.
I need you to help me Save A Life Today.