“Lead 2 Feed” Takes DASH by Storm


Mr. David Novack (left) CEO of YUM! Brands and the founder of Lead2Feed, along with MDCPS Superintendent Mr. Alberto Carvalho (right) congratulate DASH teacher Ms. Nunez-Hernandez

On October 30th, Zudannie Nunez-Hernandez, World History instructor at DASH, was honored at the district-wide Principal’s meeting for directing the leadership and service learning program, Lead 2 Feed, and placing number 2 in the nation for the Lead 2 Feed challenge.

Knowing that hunger is a prevalent issue in Miami-Dade County, the class of 2017 partnered with Camillus House to pick up and distribute casseroles on a monthly basis. According to Ms.Nunez-Hernandez, Camillus House received a cash donation of $5,000.00 because of the students’ efforts. Camillus House also received media coverage that increased the community’s awareness of their mission to fight hunger.

Students, of all grade levels, were also asked to donate casseroles, receiving around 8 hours of community service per donation. “Each [casserole] serves about 10 people…All in all, we fed about 2,000 people within the time frame that we collected casseroles,”  Nunez-Hernandez recalls.

Of course, none of the students walked away from this experience unchanged, learning to work together and discovering the active roles they can have in their community. Nunez-Hernandez was also able to acquire a fresh perspective from  this experience; realizing how easy it is for someone to live in their own circle, and learning to be less judgmental of those that are in unfortunate situations. She even learned something new from her students:

“Stepping back, and allowing my students to take on these roles,…and really listening to their ideas allowed me to become a much better leader. You need to listen to the people you are trying to lead.”