Joseph Gyurcsak Makes a Colorful Splash


Mr. Joseph Gyurcsak demonstrates water color techniques to Fashion Design students in Ms. Pringles A5 class.

Fashion Design students at Design and Architecture Senior High were in for a treat on October 15 when special guest, Joseph Gyurcsak, visited to give one of his many exceptional watercolor presentations.

Gyurcsak works as the head artist at Blick and Utrecht Art Materials here in Miami. He began his studies at Parsons School of Design in New York, but decided that it wasn’t really for him. He discovered that his true passion best flourished in illustration, and obtained a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts (SVA) also in New York City.

For four and a half years, Gyurcsak worked with magazines doing editorials, where he was able to put his illustration skills to the test. “I was given stories, I read them, and then I came up with a visual,” Gyurcsak explains. After his experience with magazines, he briefly took up advertising, continuing to sharpen his rendering abilities.

Today, Gyurcsak travels worldwide, promoting Blick art materials, and gracing thousands with his spectacular demonstrations. Rosemary Pringle, Fashion Design Instructor at Design and Architecture Senior High, said that “… he made watercolor look effortless … ” which is truly an accomplishment considering the challenge that this media presents. So, “what’s his secret”, you may ask? Well, he has said that “…  the fastest way to kill a watercolor painting’s fluidity is by going over it too much.” There’s no argument there, especially when Gyurcsak has mastered his craft, impressing teachers and students alike with his flawless renditions.