October Feature Portfolio: Saya Nassr

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I am an artist who records people’s feelings and dreams, life of the cities and the beauty of nature. I do not record the particular time of the period; instead I try to find connections between things. I believe that everything is interconnected in this world from what we see every day in our lives to what we accept as a fantasy or a dream. Hidden ideas and familiar moments in the art works allow different people in diverse ways to perceive and feel the actual conception. Many contrast colors establish a mystery – like surreal quality, creating an illusion of something between dreams and real life. Flow of life continues … Do you see those colors? The high contrast in the background creates a mystical atmosphere; isn’t it beautiful? The scene does not last forever; you can only memorize it. In those conditions, you start to forget about everything. This is where the imagination comes.

You watch the game of colors until it slowly fades away.