September Feature Portfolio: Lucas Riquenes

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Far out, that’s where art goes. Whenever I look at a blank canvas, it’s not blank to me. I already see dozens of concepts and ideas fluttering on the blank surface. The ideas originate from a zone of reality that exists both in my mind and in the material world. Using the spectacular universe as inspiration and applying my ever growing ideality, I venture beyond familiar realms (figures, objects, settings). The art I compose will not just take me to unique grounds, but the observer as well.  I invite all who behold my artistry to join me in my exclusive conceptual worlds. These “worlds” are a part of me. My art is an extension of myself, primarily my mind. In my pieces I explore far, remote places of my conscience. This is where truly extraordinary and fresh ideations can be discovered. My expanding imagination carries me far out. I am an artist and my mind is my greatest medium.           -LUCAS RIQUENES