National Art Honor Society Visits PAMM


There’s no doubt about it: the Miami art scene should be extremely proud of the Perez Art Museum Miami. On a beautiful Friday morning, Mr. Regan and the NAHS took a field trip to experience the PAMM firsthand with a special talk from exhibiting artist Edouard Duval-Carrié.

What is important about Duval-Carrié is how he embodies the best about what Miami artists can be. His art is steeped in Hatian culture, he is involved in the local scene, and to those who think that academic knowledge has nothing to do with art, he is highly informed on the historical connotations of his work. For instance, for those juniors taking U.S. History, his reference to the Monroe Doctrine should sound familiar, or perhaps they should recognize the Hudson Valley painters from sophomore year art history. Duval-Carrié emphasized the importance of this knowledge to us students as an integral element of supporting one’s work in today’s art world. He also spoke of considering one’s present context, such as when he formatted the proportions of his work to the specific room where they would be exhibited. Overall, it was extremely insightful for NAHS members to come in contact with a working artist who is so deliberate in the production of his work.