Service Series: Breakthrough Miami

We all need to get our community service requirements in, and the sooner the better. Not to mention all the scholarship and extracurricular points that come with having those credentials on your college application. This Service Series is here to help inform you about the community service opportunities that DASH students have taken advantage of.


What you do: Teach a class of young students. Sometimes you are given pre-prepared lesson materials, but as you gain experience your coordinator will let you create a lesson on the topic of your choosing.

Where: Breakthrough campuses are located at five different sites: Ransom Everglades, Miami Country Day, Carrollton, Palmer Trinity and Cushman, and International Studies Charter High School

How often: Every other Saturday during the school year, and full-time during their summer program weeks.

Other: Breakthrough is relatively well known, and its reputation may help you get a job or an internship somewhere else. The work requires commitment and dedication, but Breakthrough itself may give you the opportunity to get a paid summer internship with them. One summer or even a school year teaching for them will get you above and beyond your Bright Futures community service requirements, and will be a great project to write about when it comes to describing your personal experiences to colleges.

Fun Rating: All the other teachers are Breakthrough are either in high school and in college, and tend to be friendly and outgoing. Think of it as summer camp– Breakthrough involves all sorts of spirit cheers and dances, as well as outdoor and indoor activities with the kids. Getting to know your students is a really rewarding experience, so if you’re a person who likes children, you will certainly enjoy working at Breakthrough.