What to do with a BFA After College

As you get older and closer to senior year, you start becoming more nervous and weary about pursuing art in college. All you hear nowadays are people making “starving artist” jokes and it seems that every time you open your computer you see yet another article about the top 10 most useless majors. ​It’s stressful hearing everyone tell you that you are, statistically, expected to fail. So let me ease your mind a bit, here’s a list on majors and potential jobs one might find after graduating:

BFA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media:
• Advertising Designer or Director
• Creative Director
• Graphic Designer
• Marketing Consultant
• Promotional Designer
• Layout Designer
• Packaging Designer
• Merchandiser
• Website Designer
• Multimedia/Interactive Media Specialist
• Publishing Industry Designer
• Signage Designer
• Corporate or In-House Designer
• Freelance Designer
• Exhibit Designer
• Graphic Designer for Film/Television

BFA in Illustration:
• Magazine Illustrator
• Newspaper Illustrator
• Billboard Designer
• Editorial Illustrator
• Merchandise or Product Illustrator
• Freelance Illustrator
• Architectural or Interiors Illustrator
• Technical Illustrator
• Instructional Illustrator
• Scientific or Medical Illustrator
• Postage Stamp Designer
• Book or Children’s Book Illustrator
• Storyboard Illustrator
• Textbook Illustrator
• Music Industry illustrator

BFA in Interior Design:
• Corporate Office design
• Residential design, single family & multi-family
• Residential community planning, development & marketing
• Kitchen and bath design
• Healthcare, hospitals, dental, medical office buildings, clinics
• Retirement communities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities
• Hospitality, hotels, spas, resorts, country clubs
• Model Homes
• Retail
• Facilities management
• Educations including childcare, K-12, higher education and institutional
• Recreation facilities, RV parks, sports arenas, community parks
• Historic preservation
• Museum, theater and interactive exhibit planning
• Furniture, lighting and product design
• Textile design
• Universal Design
• Green Design Specialty/ LEED Project Consulting

BFA in Animation:
• Cell Animator
• Flash Animator
• 3D Animator
• Modeler
• Lighting and Materials Artist
• Compositors
• Technical Animator
• Independent Animator
• Small Studio Animator
• Game Animator
• Motion Graphics Animators
• Commercial Production

BFA in Art Education:
• K-12 Art Teacher
• Art Center Educator
• Museum Education Staff Member
• Gallery Consultant
• Educational Text Author
• Curriculum Director

Fine Arts
• Independent Artist
• Gallery Director or Owner
• Museum Exhibition Curator
• Freelance Art Writer
• Art Critic
• Textile Designer
• Art Librarian
• Art Supply Buyer
• Auction House Consultant
• Corporate Curator
• Art Buyer
• Portrait Photographer
• Set Designer
• Mural Painter
• Art School Administrator

Those are just some of the many possibilities to choose from when pursuing art as a career. Now here’s a look at what kind of money these people make:

Graphic Design + Interactive Media – $27,000-$35,100
Illustration – $18,650-$83,820
Interior Design – $30,000-$55,000
Animation – $39,000-$100,000
Art Education – $30,340-$99,250
Fine Arts – $18,650-$83,820

*Source: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD), “Can I Really Make a Living as an Artist or Designer?”