College News: Oct./Nov. Scholarships


By Isabel Montes

College admissions and scholarships are a top priority at DASH. Ms. Maxwell, our CAP Advisor, schedules visits from university representatives for presentations and reviews throughout the school year. She also meets with students by appointment during office hours and maintains personal mailboxes for all seniors inside the Media Center. I will be working with Ms. Maxwell this year as the CAP Office intern. I’ve put together a schedule of upcoming scholarship deadlines below. Watch the blog for more CAP updates every month.


Scholarship Type Deadline
Young Arts Art 10/18
Horatio Alger Association General 10/30
Coca Cola Foundation General 10/31

October is zooming by! Don’t procrastinate! Apply!


Scholarship Type Deadline
Bennington Young Writers Writing 11/1
NYU MLK Honors Program By nomination 11/1
Spirit of Community Awards General 11/5
Distinguished Young Women Women 11/5
Emory Scholars Program General 11/15