Designer Ed: Classroom Contemplations

Today we continue our series of posts focused on innovative educational practices at DASH. We call it Designer Ed with a nod to the school’s motto: “Education by Design.” Whether examining classroom case studies up close, taking a wideframe look at cross-curricular choices, or expanding outward to consider our place within the local and national public education panoramas, the goal of this series is to highlight what DASH does differently that makes our school successful.

One of the most crucial aspects of enhancing an excellent school is continually seeking out the best educators to bring onboard – talented professionals who align with the school’s vision and match the level of passion and creative resourcefulness that distinguish it. A prime example at DASH was when Jeremy Glazer joined our English department in 2012. Although we had the good fortune to work with Mr. Glazer just one school year (he has since embarked on doctoral studies at Stanford University), he quickly made a big impact on everyone around him. Sophomores need only think back to his Freshmen Pinning Ceremony keynote, when he shared the parable of the tortoise and the scorpion and taught the whole class of 2017 the importance of knowing your essence.

Happily, we can all continue to benefit from Glazer’s thoughtful approach of examining how state policy impacts local classrooms by following his writing for NPR’s StateImpact Florida project, Classroom Contemplations: Education Policies from a Teacher’s Perspective. A substantial list of thought-provoking weekly entries from throughout this past summer are posted. Several of the entries investigate potential design flaws in the state assessment system – ways inadvertent priorities are being communicated to teachers and students by the heavy emphasis on accountability. WLRN featured a radio interview between Glazer and StateImpact’s Sammy Mack available here.