Internship Fair and Career Portfolio Day

IMG_3664 On Friday, March 15th, DASH juniors and seniors had the 15th annual internship fair and career portfolio day. It begun with a senior breakfast sponsored by the PTSA and a panel of speakers in the multi-purpose room. The design forum speakers included Lucas Leyva or Borscht Corp., Judy Holm of Aspirations PR, Irma Martinez of Trendy Studio, Nick Cindric of NC Contemporary, and Lauren Arkin of LA Boudoir.IMG_3667

This was followed by a keynote address from Lucas Leyva of Borscht Corp., a Miami resident, to the senior class. He said many important things to the class and was very inspirational. To get started he gave a key piece of advice: “Do projects for no money at first. Borrow gear, put your stuff online. Get a twitter.”

IMG_3671The final part of the day was for the junior class. They had an amazing opportunity to put themselves out there with interviews with people currently working in the industry they were pursuing. We had architecture firms, artists’ studios, and museums come to be a part of this event. Thank you to everyone who participated in making the day a success.


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