Coats 4 Kids Update

The French Club at DASH (Design & Architecture Senior High) will be collecting gently worn winter coats and clothing through January 7. If you or someone you know has a coat, jacket, scarf, gloves or mittens that they no longer need, please bring them to DASH. We will then distribute them to former DASH students who are attending college up north- Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc. We have been doing this for the past three years and the graduates are overwhelmed with gratitude since many of them are unable to afford anything but a “hoodie” and mittens.

We have already collected dozens of sweaters and hoodies, but we have very few heavy coats. If you could possibly check with friends or perhaps find a coat at Goodwill to bring in, it would be greatly appreciated!

This “Coats 4 Kids” drive started because of a trip Dr. Mancuso made to speak to college representatives at a northern university. While there, she let all of the DASH graduates know that she would invite them to dinner. It was about 10 degrees that winter and a few of the kids showed up at the restaurant in hooded sweatshirts and jeans. They were not prepared for that kind of cold. Last year we collected over 100 coats and sweaters. We hope we will again this year.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word. Merci beaucoup!

Madame Grafton, French Club Sponsor & Nathania Rodriguez, French Club President


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