Time Management Tips from Successful Seniors, Part 1 of 5

Ilana LadisIlana Ladis,
Entertainment Technology (Film)

DASH Dispatch: In terms of workload and time management, what are the main differences between what you knew about your strand before you started versus now?

Ilana Ladis: Each year my class schedule has become more challenging and rigorous. When I was selecting a strand it didn’t occur to me how my schedule would change each year. This year I am taking five academic classes and while sometimes it’s a lot to manage with three art classes, it’s ultimately rewarding to challenge myself.

DD: What strategies or changes to your routine have helped you manage your workload?

IL: I regularly use my agenda to keep track of school work, extracurricular events, and social events. It really helps to be organized and to keep everything written down in one place.

DD: How do you get your work done outside of DASH when you don’t have access to the resources at school (i.e. software, sewing machines, etc.)?

IL: I have my own camera and usually have no problem getting work done outside of school. It really helps that in the film strand you are able to borrow industry level equipment and take it home with you to work on your projects.

DD: In what ways have your classmates, family, or friends become a support system?

IL: In many ways, I have found a support system in and out of DASH. Sometimes my friends and I have study sessions during the lunch period if we have a big test. My teachers are also very supportive–I truly feel like they all want me to do my best and succeed, whether it’s staying after class with me to answer a question or writing me a letter of recommendation for college.

DD: What do you do to balance school work with time for rest, social activities, a job, etc.?

IL: Every day I try to set aside a half hour period dedicated to relaxation. I work much better when I can step back for a moment, regroup, and then focus on my tasks for the day. I also keep a daily to-do list and prioritize what I need to do in order of due date and level of time needed to complete a task. Also, I don’t procrastinate. That is a recipe for disaster especially at a school like DASH where due dates fly by left and right.


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